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BTI Refurbished

Welcome to SEMCO Engineering-Inc.

Thermal Equipment Fab Located in Dallas, Texas

SEMCO Engineering Inc. is a global manufacturer of production and lab equipment for the Semiconductor and Solar Industries. We specialize in refurbishing BTI and Thermco furnaces, on-site tech support, miscellaneous equipment retrofits and spare parts.

We work hard at providing turn key solutions. Let us customize the right solution for your FAB

SEMCO (Dallas) Fabricates and Refurbishes Manufacturing Equipment for Semiconductor and Photovoltaic Applications.

  • High Throughput Production Furnaces:
        BTI, Thermco, DF and TWYN
  • R&D Scale Equipment:
        Minilab, Solarlab, JetFirst & JetStar RTA/RTP
  • Sparte Parts for:
         BTI, Thermco, SEMCO, Qualiflow and Jipelec
  • Field Service:
         On-Site and Service Contract available

Our product portfolio includes new or refurbished equipment, full on-site startup and process warranty. We can provide your FAB with technical consultation to improve your existing equipment with proven turn-key solutions.

Also, we have extensive process experience in Wet and Dry Oxidation, Annealing, LPCVD Silicon Nitride, LPCVD Poly Silicon and LPCVD TEOS applications as well as our proprietary LYDOP POCL3 and Boron Diffusion and LYTOX Oxidation process.

Furthermore, we provide full leak check and orbital micro welding services, design and fabrication of gas panels, process modifications, equipment wafer size upgrades and other retrofits.

SEMCO (Dallas) is the North American supplier of equipment manufactured by our French-based divisions: Qualiflow, Jipelec, Irysolar, and SEMCO Engineering SA.